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Holiday Wishes - Happy Eid al-Fitr 1442H. May the light of happiness shine upon the world.
Infortrend Launches Powerful Integrated Computing Storage Systems for AI Applications, EonServ for AI (EVi) and EonStor GSi (GSi).
QSAN’s entry-level native NVMe storage, XCubeFAS XF3126D, has received 5-star review by the technology news & reviews hub for IT professionals, ITPro.
Happy Chinese New Year of The Ox. May this new year be filled with happiness, prosperity, and many precious moments.
RDX RansomBlock is always there and doesn’t require any security software updates. It will just work and protect your data against the most dangerous cyber threat today…
Webinar tentang mengatasi cyber-attack seperti Ransomware dengan menggunakan teknologi Arcserve UDP dan Overland-Tandberg RDX.
Feature discussion of the QSAN XCubeNXT in reaching six nines (99.9999%) availability.