Indra Sapta Nugraha
Backup and Restore text.

On this blog, I will show you how to create Backup Job on Arcserve UDP 6.5.

Previously, I have already uploaded video about how to install agent to target server on this blog. And now, I will show you " How to create Job ". As we know, for running backup ( Full Backup & Incremental ), Virtual Standby, Instant VM, Bare Metal Recovery, etc, we need to create job first, before we can use those features above.

You can add a new job on Resources-Plan-Add a Plan. On this screen, you can add server that you want to backup. With Arcserve, you can backup physical/virtual Windows or Linux platform, UNC Path, Exchange 365. Then, we can enable compression and deduplication on backup destination. 

For more info about ARCserve, you can visit our website by clicking this link.

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