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EonStor GSe Pro 1004

EonStor GSe Pro 1000 is an Enterprise-grade unified storage designed for SMBs with Enterprise-grade system design and deliver triple-play unified storage that integrates SAN/NAS/Cloud, robust data protection to prevent data loss, modular design for easy maintenance, and centralized management through a user-friendly management tool.

It is a 1U4-bay and 2U8-bay small rackmount series fully support data storage, cross-platform file sharing, cloud integration, and all RAID functions. The powerful quad-core processor and built-in 1Gb Ethernet ports deliver super fast performance and complete data services through EonOne, a user-friendly management tool. With EonOne, users can:

  • Monitor and manage multiple systems from one central interface
  • Complete multiple tasks in one simplified procedure with fewer steps
  • Set up and configure storage systems with a friendly and intuitive user interface
  • Stay on top of storage conditions anytime, anywhere with complete event notifications
  • Make use of cloud storage for capacity expansion and data backup.
EonStor GSe Pro 1008 front and back view.

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