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  • Qsan XCubeNAS XN3002T Right 45 Side View

    Qsan XCubeNAS XN3002T Right 45 Side View

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The XN3000T Series effectively provides comprehensive and effective backup solutions that assist you in designing a complete and efficient backup solution to minimize the risk of data loss. Various storage devices, remote servers, public clouds, and even other XCubeNAS can be seamlessly integrated into your XN3000T Series, achieving an all-encompassing backup solution allowing data to be free and safely and efficiently preserved.

So let’s do the ”Execute - Sync NAS to Cloud Drive” :

1. Make sure QSAN Storage already connect to internet
2. Create Sharing Folder on QSAN Storage
3. Open Apps > Cloud Sync

gambar 3

4. Create Jobs

gambar 4

5. Click Google Cloud Icon > Add Account it will direct you to choose an account cloud

gambar 5


6Choose Allow to sync storage to cloud

gambar 6



7. Fill the setting then next

gambar 7


8. Confirm the setting it will create folder in cloud

gambar 8


9. After that Turn On to Sync Cloud and wait until Status Good

gambar 9


10. Drag & Drop your file to Cloud

gambar 10


11. Sync Success enjoy your Cloud Drive on XCubeNAS

gambar 11

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