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  • Dokmee Capture box.

    Dokmee Capture box.

  • Dokmee Magic Indexing

    Dokmee Magic Indexing

What is Magic Indexing?

Magic Index is a module of Dokmee Image & Data Capture, that radically simplifies indexing. It gives users the ability to automatically index unstructured data while being accurate and cost efficient.

Benefits of Magic Indexing:

  • Productivity (Scan it and forget it)
  • Accuracy (Up to 99%)
  • Automation
  • Low cost
  • No Learning Curve
  • No software training
  • Reduction or no need for an indexing staff
  • Process low or high volume batches
  • Typed and hand writing indexing
  • Logo Recognition
  • Available 24/7
  • Magic Indexing is available in English, French and Spanish

Check out this video to see how Magic Indexing works.

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