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    Mirroring NAS Storage

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XMirror regularly synchronizes a volume or the contents of a folder between multiple XCubeNAS devices, any modification to documents will be replicated to other XCubeNAS. By using XMirror, data on different XCubeNAS systems, data consistency and availability is ensured.

  • Support Volume and Folder mirror.
  • 1-way (unidirectional): data modification of the local NAS will be synchronized to the remote, but any data modification of remote NAS will not be reflected.
  • 2-way (bi-directional): any data modification of a NAS will be synchronized to the others.
  • Version control (64 versions).



We will do Mirroring QSAN XN5004R (Source) to QSAN XN3002T (Destination) with “1-way synchronize” wich mean the data modification of the Local / Source NAS will be synchronized to the remote, but any data modification of Remote / Destination NAS will not be reflected.



  1. Prepare your Source NAS & Destination NAS. Prepare folders and file from the NAS you want to mirror.


  1. In your Source NAS >> open Apps Backup >> click & choose XMirror >> click add synchronized zone.

step 2

  1. In the table Add Sync Zone, because you in a source device you must created first a sync zone “Create a New Zone” >> click Next.

step 3

  1. Next step choose “1-way sync zone” >> click Next.

step 4

  1. Create Zone Name & Choose Folder want to mirror >> click Next >> Confirm.

step 5

  1. Here first step from source has been created

step 6

  1. Next step do the same thing from Source NAS, the different is you choose Join a Zone from Source NAS >> click Next

step 7

  1. Insert your source IP Address & user credential >> click Next

step 8

  1. After that >> change zone name & type choose “1-way sync” >> click Next.

step 9

  1. Than choose your destination folder >> click Next >> Confirm

step 10

  1. Configuration Finish and Successfully!

step 11

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