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Proactive Approach to Prevent Cyber-attacks

New Gartner research states, “preventing ransomware attacks is always better than recovering from them.” And while it seems like an obvious observation, it’s not always easy.

Ransomware has reached epidemic proportions globally, making data security and protection more costly and complex than ever. To detect and mediate ransomware, organizations need to move beyond reactive security measures to effectively defeat evolving cyber-attacks. To effectively combat evolving cyber threats, one must think and deploy differently. Businesses must move beyond reactive security measures to proactively anticipate, prevent, and immunize backup data from attacks. Organizations need to understand how new solutions are changing the way we think about safeguarding data to make a ransomware-free future a reality.

We need to take a proactive approach to fight against ransomware.

The following microsite (https://www.arcserve.com/c/arcserve-ransomware-microsite-featuring-gartner-research/) offers insights into how new solutions are changing the way we think about safeguarding data, including:

  • A complimentary Gartner report on ransomware
  • Three steps to stop cyber-attacks now
  • A ransomware readiness assessment
  • Guide to a ransomware-free future.

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