Andyasti Ciptaningtyas
  • TP-Link OC200 Wi-Fi Cloud Controller

  • Omada Cloud Controller OC200 - with 802.3af PoE

  • Omada Cloud Controller OC200 - with USB Port for Auto-Backup

  • Omada Cloud Controller OC200 - with durable metal casing

This video will demonstrate how to set up the TP-Link OC200 Wi-Fi Network Cloud Controller Via Web Browser.

The OC200 Omada Cloud Controller is a professional centralized management for TP-Link Wi-Fi network, dedicated to provide centralized management for the whole Omada network. The OC200 monitors statistics in real-time, view a graphical analysis of network traffic, create a captive portal, upgrade and reboot the system, and easily scale the network.

The advantages if you use The OC200 Omada Cloud Controller are:

  • No PC/Server Needed
  • Superior Reliability and Security
  • Cloud Access for Greater Convenience

The OC200 setup procedure consists of six simple steps:

  1. Connect the OC200 to your local network.
  2. Get ready for setup.
  3. Create a TP-Link ID.
  4. Log into your TP-Link ID.
  5. Add the OC200 to your TP-Link ID.
  6. Follow the wizard to set up the OC200.


  • All TP-Link EAP models (except EAP120 and EAP220)
  • Omada Cloud Controller OC200
  • Mass EAPs (usually more than three)

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