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UDP Goes Head-to-Head with NetBackup

Anyone involved with enterprise IT in any meaningful capacity intuitively understands the complexities associated with supporting it. Also, enterprise IT must also account for next generation requirements that span the gamut. These variables contribute to an enterprise needing a solution that protects its data and equips it for future requirements. However, an enterprise may assume a sophisticated solution that delivers on these requirements translates into one that is complex and costly.

The fact is, a sophisticated data protection solution does not necessarily have to be costly and complex, while users may assume otherwise.

Many midsize enterprises frequently consider Arcserve UDP and Veritas NetBackup as solutions to protect their data. Both these products target enterprises though they approach them differently. In their report, DCIG comparing Arcserve UDP and Veritas NetBackup side-by-side to provide a cost-effective, comprehensive set of features that allow users to protect data and recover data quickly and easily:

  • Prioritizes delivering the next generation of features organizations needs now.
  • Natively supports Microsoft Office 365 and endpoint data protection.
  • Delivers all-in-one disaster recoveries both on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Immediately equips an organization to create a secondary line of dense against ransomware with turnkey integrated backup.

Download DCIG report through the link below and learn how UDP and NetBackup differently address backup costs and complexity in Midsize Enterprises.

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