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  • QSAN XCubeFAS XF2026D

    QSAN XCubeFAS XF2026D

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QSAN XCubeFAS XF2026D is a new All-Flash SAN storage product from QSAN Technology, Inc.,  that is designed for SME and Large Enterprises and is perfect for virtualization environments, big data analysis, and managing onerous applications that demand high IOPS and low latency levels. It was developed on a foundation of three simple concepts:

  1. It must be user-friendly and operable by all.
  2. It must be able to be deployed or integrated into any environment. 
  3. It must be affordable for any size business.

This 2U 26-bay All-Flash SAN runs on QSAN’s brand new innovative operating system, XEVO, which brings new and exciting features to the market, including: Specific SSD monitoring technology to analyze the activity and life of the SSD Performance history and analytics report of storage usage Automatic Remote Replication that makes remote backup configuration painless; Multiple volume creation to reduce time of establishing multiple volumes at a time Snapshot recycle bin to offer additional backup protection from accidental or intentional data deletion.

High-Performance and Cost-Effective All-Flash Storage solution

Typical All-Flash SAN storage solutions are well-known for being extremely expensive due to being locked-in by specific SSD vendors. However, QSAN's XF2026D effectively free's users from the clutch of vendor locks by giving users the choice of buying whichever SAS SSD brand they desire. With special software and extreme performance features, the XF2026D is easliy deployed and integrated into any data environment in all businesses sizes that demand heavy IOPS workload and low latency access.

FAS System Expansion
Max. No. of

Max. No. of
Disk Drives

Max. Raw Capacity
(SFF 15.36TB)


(SFF 2U26)

XD5326 (2U 26-bay) 4 26 + 4 x 26 = 130 1,996.8TB