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  • Qsan U120 management screen.

    Qsan U120 management screen.

  • QSAN U120 TrioNAS ZFS 4 Bay 1U

    QSAN U120 TrioNAS ZFS 4 Bay 1U

Qsan TrioNAS brings enterprise-class NAS storage solutions to SMBs

TrioNAS consolidates NAS and IP-based iSCSI SAN and allows users to link these to Amazon S3 cloud storage. With TrioNAS, organizations can manage files and run applications in one device to reduce hardware requirements. The integration of Amazon S3 storage enables users to easily backup data into the cloud and, with just one click, disaster recovery can be fulfilled effortlessly. TrioNAS supports multiple protocols including SMB, NFS, AFP, FTP, WebDAV as well as iSCSI. The combination delivers storage solutions with great performance, manageability and efficiency.

More info: https://www.qsan.com/en


  • Video by - Indra Sapta Nugraha
  • Editor by - Raenita Juliana
  • Narator by - Ilma Rafika


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