EonStor GSa 2024 AFA Receives 5-Star Review from IT Pro

Infortrend EonStor GSa 2024 All-Flash Array has received a prestigious 5-Star review along with Editor’s Choice Award from UK based IT Pro Magazine.

As a unified storage, GSa 2024 is capable of NAS, SAN, and offers high availability suitable for any size of data centers. It features 24 SFF hot-swap drive bays and comes with dual-redundant controllers. Enterprises can also select the type of speed according to their needs with a wide range of supported data port options. For expansion, this array supports of up to 12 JB 3000 expansion enclosures for a maximum storage comprising of 744 drives, an easy feat for a huge storage demand.

GSa 2024 is part of the growing EonStor GSa all-flash storage family. GSa 2000 and 3000 series are the cost-performance solutions that provide high acceleration of enterprise applications such as database, virtualization, VDI, Microsoft Exchange, and media/entertainment-related applications. GSa 5000 series, on the other hand, offers the highest performance all-flash technology designed for extreme I/O workloads. The complete product family offers a wider range of product selections in terms of performance, connectivity, and scalability.

  • Database
  • Virtualization and VDI
  • Microsoft Exchange Mail Server
  • Media and Entertainment
Product Highlights:
  • Powerful Unified Storage Performance and Reliability
  • Optimized SSD Performance with Low Latency
  • High Availability via Hardware Redundancy
  • EonOne - an Easy-to-use Interface for Storage Management
  • Cloud Ready for Future-Proof Expansion
  • Rich Selections of Host Interfaces
  • Cache Backup Module (CBM) to Prevent Data Loss
  • Modular Design to Lower Maintenance Complexity