• Infortrend and Seagate Storage Solution to meet the latest M&E trends.

  • M&E storage solution diagram

Recent development in the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry have changed the role of digital storage in all aspects. Data storage now is considered as a key element in the digital transformation of content creation, editing, distribution and reception. This change has created new challenges for storage vendors in meeting the needs of the M&E industry.

There are two interesting trends that we noticed in the latest Digital Storage for Media and Entertainment Report (2019) by Coughlin Associates:

  • Activity to create capture and display devices for 8K X 4K content is occurring with planned implementation in common media systems by the next decade.
  • Non-linear editing requires high performance storage devices. Over the forecast period lower network storage costs and higher performing low cost storage networks will result in faster growth of network storage than direct attached and local storage.

These trends mean that current M&E users need a comprehensive shared media storage solution with superior storage capacity that deliver stable and high performance for ultra-high-resolution (4K and above) media processing and non-linear media editing to prevent any frame drop during the post-production or playback. The storage solution must fit for collaborative works of small workgroups and post-production studios with 10 or fewer workstation computers and must be easy to be managed, even for an administrator without IT background, through a simplified management interface.

To discover more about this solution, please click Download the White Paper link below to get the white paper on feature-rich storage solutions with excellent and stable performance and simplified management to fulfill collaborative needs of video editing for 10 or fewer workstation computers, small studios or SOHO.