StorageCraft Cloud Backup

Many companies today are adopting SaaS for email, productivity and collaboration apps. Google's G Suite and Microsoft's Office 365 are the leaders in the cloud-based productivity tools market. Both solutions enable users in organizations of all sizes to create and interact with information from anywhere, anytime and leading to more business data than ever. Both applications provide significant business advantages to wide range of organizations.

Even though SaaS data is in the cloud, that doesn’t mean it is completely safe!

The biggest concern about making the transition to cloud computing is data security. Although both Google and Microsoft are taking care of their customer's SaaS data seriously. However, that does not mean it is completely safe! When it comes to data threats, no one is untouchable. These SaaS apps store files and data in the cloud and the risks are especially true for cloud services where everything is connected. One wrong link can ruin a whole chain of files an entire department relies on. These are the 6 threats that all G Suite and Office 365 users must be aware of:

  • Phishing to take over SaaS accounts
  • Ransomware
  • Insider threats
  • Malicious Third-Party Apps and Add-ons
  • Brute-force attacks
  • Fatal Human Errors

Therefore, both G Suite and Office 365 data still require the same backup and recovery functions similar to their on-premise application peers have. Granular protection to business’s data on cloud are required more than ever. SaaS users need cloud backup solution that protect their business data, that is happened automatically without the need for human intervention. SaaS users must be able to recover the version of a file or folder quickly in its original format, through an easy-to-use web interface. Also, SaaS users do not need to be bothered with available storage space, software upgrades, or the possibility of an onsite backup server failing.