Webinar - Pay NOTHING to Ransomware Extortion!

Pay NOTHING to Ransomware Extortion!

Protect Your Data with RDX Defense Technology

  • Date: Thursday, 24th September 2020
  • Time: 14:00 - 15:00 GMT+7
  • Speaker: Reno F. Hamilton, Business Manager: Backup and Storage

This webinar will cover the application of the RDX technology to ward off ransomware attacks to free companies from the threat of financial extortion they can cause.

Ransomware is a malware type that infects victim's computer by encrypting or randomizing data with a secret code, to let the ransomware creators to have the power to ask for financial ransom from the victims by threatening to publish, delete, or withhold access to important data. The ransomware threat not only lurks ordinary users, but also threatens companies, public facilities, government offices and educational institutions, or other organizations.

The consequences of a ransomware attack can be serious and difficult to manage once computers operated within an organization are infected with this malware. Preventing ransomware attacks is the most effective strategy to avoid financial extortion by this viral application.

RansomBlock is an important feature of RDX technology that enables comprehensive data protection against ransomware threats. In addition to "locking data," this feature, which works similarly to a private FireWall, performs validation whenever a write operation tries to access RDX media. In the event of a virus or ransomware attack or unauthorized access, RansomBlock will immediately refuse this operation and protect the data stored on RDX media from being infected.

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