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Arcserve is a provider of data protection, replication and recovery solutions for enterprise and mid-market businesses. Arcserve was founded in 1983 as Cheyenne Software. (Wikipedia)

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Webinar tentang mengatasi cyber-attack seperti Ransomware dengan menggunakan teknologi Arcserve UDP dan Overland-Tandberg RDX.

Webinar: Shifting Data Protection Strategy In The New Normal. The COVID-19 outbreak causing remote access explosion and increasing risks to the business

DCIG report comparing Arcserve UDP and Veritas NetBackup side-by-side.

Ransomware attackers have become increasingly aggressive and shifting their tactics. Organization need all-in-one ransomware prevention and protection from data loss…

To effectively combat evolving cyber threats, one must think and deploy differently and need to take a proactive approach to fight against ransomware.

Bundle backup, disaster recovery, and high availability with the new Arcserve Appliance 9000 Series.

A security researcher has exposed database breaches of a leading backup and recovery company.

Short video blog about how to create backup job on Arcserve UDP 6.5.

A blog about how to install Arcserve UDP agent with manual installation procedure.

A lot of people are still confused about what protections Office 365 really offers. Address the burden of old archive email, step in Arcserve UDP.