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Image result for backup and recovery definition Backup and recovery refers to the process of backing up data in case of a loss and setting up systems that allow that data recovery due to data loss. Backing up data requires copying and archiving computer data, so that it is accessible in case of data deletion or corruption.

Recovery data adalah suatu proses pemulihan sistem yang bermasalah agar bisa pulih seperti sedia kala. Recovery pada komputer dilakukan akibat adanya serangan virus…

Prosedur yang perlu kita lakukan adalah dengan melakukan backup dan restore. Memiliki salinan atau backup lengkap dari hard drive komputer kita adalah strategi…

Ransomware attackers have become increasingly aggressive and shifting their tactics. Organization need all-in-one ransomware prevention and protection from data loss…

Even though G Suite and Office 365 data are in the cloud, that does not mean they are 100% safe! Users still require the same backup and recovery functions similar to…

Luxury resort chain chooses ShadowProtect to meet growing data protection needs, enable fast recovery and eliminate a manual DR process.

StorageCraft menawarkan solusi manajemen data dan kelangsungan bisnis yang handal dengan hasil yang instan, guna mengurangi downtime serta memulihkan data bila…

Backup adalah proses penting bagi perusahaan guna membuat duplikat atau salinan data, yang dapat digunakan kembali bila terjadi kerusakan data asli.

Qsan storage can distribute data to other storage locations through real-time remote backup procedure, to secure information in the event of disaster.

This blog describe how to setup XReplicator, a free utility to backup all data on client computers to QSAN’s NAS XCubeNAS Series Storage.

Google Drive is popular for low cost backup to cloud for SMB. Along with RDX Storage, it provides auto backup on two different locations, cloud and local.

A security researcher has exposed database breaches of a leading backup and recovery company.

QSAN launched three new XCubeNAS XCubeNAS XN5008T, XN5008R and XN5012R that provide fast data processing speeds and the option to scale capacity .

Short video blog about how to create backup job on Arcserve UDP 6.5.

A blog about how to install Arcserve UDP agent with manual installation procedure.

Arcserve backup and recover critical business data in cloud, virtual, and physical environments — all with one, elegantly simple solution.