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Removable-Disk Storage (RDX) is a disk-based removable storage format developed by ProStor Systems Incorporated in 2004. In May 2011, Tandberg Data GmbH acquired the RDX business from ProStor Systems including intellectual property and key members of ProStor’s RDX engineering team. RDX is intended as a replacement of tape storage. RDX removable disk technology consists of portable disk cartridges and an RDX dock. RDX cartridges are shock-proof 2.5-inch Serial ATA hard disk drives and are advertised to sustain a 1 meter (39 in) drop onto a concrete floor and to offer an archival lifetime up to 30 years and transfer up to 650GB/hr. (Wikipedia)

RDX RansomBlock is always there and doesn’t require any security software updates. It will just work and protect your data against the most dangerous cyber threat…

Webinar tentang mengatasi cyber-attack seperti Ransomware dengan menggunakan teknologi Arcserve UDP dan Overland-Tandberg RDX.

RDX is the trusted removable disk technology, tough, armored design provides a reliable and valuable data repository.

This webinar will cover the application of the RDX technology to ward off ransomware attacks to free companies from the threat of financial extortion they can cause…

Alasan mengapa teknologi RDX dengan format penyimpanan dinamis (random) berbasis disk lebih handal dibandingkan dengan LTO yang bersifat statis (sequence).

Google Drive is popular for low cost backup to cloud for SMB. Along with RDX Storage, it provides auto backup on two different locations, cloud and local.

Protect your data against cyber-attacks with the RansomBlock feature of rdxLOCK software. All built on the Reliable Data Protection Solutions from RDX.

Overland-Tandberg provides Business-class Tape Library, Archive Appliance, LTO Drive and LTO Media, and RDX Removable Disk Backup.