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A Storage Area Network (SAN) or storage network is a computer network which provides access to consolidated, block-level data storage. (Wikipedia)

Infortrend Launches Powerful Integrated Computing Storage Systems for AI Applications, EonServ for AI (EVi) and EonStor GSi (GSi).

Infortrend's Capacity Calculator allows user to find out the best-fit storage solution based capacity requirement, architecture and disk type.

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Downloadable technical guidance for adjusting / increasing the performance when testing QSAN products which provides iSCSI service.

QSAN, AxxonSoft and Seagate partner up to deliver superior VMS and PSIM solutions to meet the new security and video surveillance-related challenges.

To alleviate congestion and maximize storage performance in “zettabyte-age”, data centers should upgrade their storage network with 32Gbps FC interconnection.

Pada blog ini akan di dijelaskan jenis-jenis Storage dan masing-masing kegunaannya, antara lain NAS, SAN dan DAS.

EonStor DS is a high availability SAN storage designed for enterprises, that comes with complete data services and easy-to-use management interfaces.

A video showing how to transfer a Thick Provisioning Pool into an Auto Tiering Pool.

QSAN XCubeFAS XF2026D is a cost-effective All-Flash SAN storage, designed for SME and Large Enterprises that demand high IOPS and low latency levels.

Infortrend EonStor DS 4000 SAN storage is perfect for studios or video workshops that require high definition video editing, recording, and playback.

Infortrend SAN storages provide reliable performance, proven throughput power, AV-optimized features, high fault-tolerance and flexible scalability.

Infortrend develops and manufactures All-Flash and Hybrid Storage, Storage Service and Hybrid Cloud solutions focusing on quality, choice and value.

QSAN provides high quality data storage systems that are simple, secure, scalable and reliable.

PT. Sinar Himalaya utilize Qsan LX P600Q storage to meet their extensive storage requirement due to fast business growth.