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Dokmee Page Counter quickly and efficiently processes documents at one time to analyze page count, page size, and compression type.
Dokmee is a secure, easy to use and feature rich document management solution with a very attractive price point.
Dokmee Capture helps customers to do everything you need to extract data from your documents.
Dokmee is an electronic document management system, or EDMS software, and a cloud document management solutions software.
The intuitive and smart Ruijie management software platform with holistic, flexible and dynamic management plans over the years.
Ruijie provides network data communication products, like switch, access point, routers, networking software, and next-generation firewall.
Arcserve UDP Archiving ensures compliance and reduce mail server costs with your email archiving solution.
Arcserve provides ultra-efficient backup and recovery solution with a single, remarkably easy to use solution.
Arcserve brings data back to life in minutes with public or private cloud disaster recovery.
Arcserve High Availability technology delivers near-zero downtime with your high availability solution.
Arcserve backup and recover critical business data in cloud, virtual, and physical environments — all with one, elegantly simple solution.