Organize, secure, and manage all of company's electronic documents, records, and files easily and paper free.

Dokmee is an electronic document management system, also called EDMS software, and a cloud document management solutions software.

Capture and Document Management Software For Every Device You Own.

Every company has documents, records, and files stored in what seems like every corner of the office. The Dokmee product line can help you organize, secure, and manage those documents easily and paper free. From PDF, TIFF, Word, Excel, AutoCAD drawings, Emails, and more; Dokmee can help you manage all of your electronic document needs.



So many offices have mountains of paper documents and a need to store them. Introducing: Dokmee, a feature rich document management solution with a very attractive price point. With multiple editions available, Dokmee is able to meet the paperless wishes of any size company.

Dokmee Capture

Some capture products will charge you for every document you scan, but not Dokmee Capture! Get unlimited scanning and no per click charges with an all-inclusive scanning solution that provides powerful production level image and data capture with zone recognition and full text OCR functions.

Dokmee Page Counter

Mountains of files across several directories does not have to be so intimidating to count when you have Dokmee Page Counter. Supporting TIFF, PDF, and JPEG files, count all your documents in no time at all with an easy to use application and receive a full report of your documents including number of pages, page size, and compression type.

Dokmee Destop

With many of the same great features as our larger Dokmee DMS product and a user friendly interface, Dokmee Desktop is an excellent complement to the Dokmee product line. Running as a single standalone system, this is perfect for a small business or home office.

Dokmee Mobile

Get on the go access to your electronic file cabinet at the touch of your finger with the Dokmee Mobile App for iOS, Android, and Windows. With security, file storage, search and retrieval, integrated viewer, mobile uploads, and a multi-lingual interface, Dokmee Mobile couldn’t be simpler to use. Get the mobile app FREE with Dokmee Web and Cloud!

Dokmee Cloud

Online collaboration and document management has never been easier than with Dokmee Cloud. As a securely hosted, full featured document management solution, Dokmee Cloud enables you to work on the go from anywhere that has a WiFi connection. Let us do all the IT management work.

Document Management

Electronic filing and organization will secure client files, employee documents, and important paper records into one centralized management system and ensure they are easily accessible to the approved personnel. With added value features such as Workflow, file retention, and auditing, Dokmee is the document management solution that can help you manage all your document needs and manage business processes.

Image & Data Capture

Dokmee Capture is the all-new scanning software that will help you do everything you need to extract data from your documents. Improve your business process by capturing images and data and transforming them into organized, searchable information. Dokmee Capture is the best solution for your paperless conversion.

Page Counter

Counting mountains of TIFF, PDF, and JPEG files one by one can be a major hassle. With Dokmee Page Counter, quickly and efficiently process large groups of documents at one time to analyze page count, page size, and compression type. Easily create reports in Excel format in both metric and imperial measurement systems.


Support & Updates Desktop Professional Enterprise Cloud Mobile
E-Mail Support *with Annual Maintenance Plan
Phone Support *with Annual Maintenance Plan
Product Version Updates *with Annual Maintenance Plan
Access & Security Desktop Professional Enterprise Cloud Mobile
Management Control Panel
File Cabinet Level User Restrictions
Folder & File Level User Restrictions Enterprise System
Audit Log (HIPAA Compliant) record actions
Automatic Backup
Index & Search Desktop Professional Enterprise Cloud Mobile
Index Files & Folders
File Notes
Quick Search
Advanced Search
Search Query Templates
Find & Replace (Index Cleanup)
Organization, Viewing, & Sharing Desktop Professional Enterprise Cloud Mobile
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Import with Metadata (Flat File/XML)
Upload/Import Files
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Export with Metadata (Flat File/XML)
Download/Export Files
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Print Files
Edit Files Desktop Professional Enterprise Cloud Mobile
Editing Files with Save and Save As Functions
Editing Files with Version Control
Delete Files & Folders
Cut, Copy, Paste Files & Folders
Quick Merge Files (TIFF/PDF)
Split Files (TIFF/PDF)
Integration Tools Desktop Professional Enterprise Cloud Mobile
SDK (Software Development Kit)
Microsoft Office Add-ins (Word, Excel, Outlook)
Virtual PDF Printer Add-in
E-mail Management (Outlook Integration)
Active Directory User Integration Enterprise System
Additional Modules for Purchase Desktop Professional Enterprise
Read Only Portal (search, print, email, file notes)
Auto Import
File Retention
Auto Index (Database Synchronization)
Merge Files
OCR Files Included
Automatic OCR Files
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