Expansion Enclosure for Storage / JBOD

Versatile capacity expansion and convenient storage scalability.

Infortrend Expansion Enclosure / JBOD offers all-purpose capacity expansion and storage scalability solution.

JB 2000 Series

Reliable, high availability enclosures dedicated to expansion of Infortrend systems in compact to high density sizes.

  • 2U 24-bay  JB 2024B
  • 3U 36-bay  JB 2036B
  • 2U 12-bay  JB 2012
  • 3U 16-bay  JB 2016
  • 4U 48-bay  JB 2048
  • 4U 60-bay  JB 2060
JB 3000 Series

Fast and reliable expansion enclosures for demanding enterprise storage needs.

  • 2U 24-bay  JB 3024B
  • 2U 25-bay  JB 3025B
  • 2U 12-bay  JB 3012
  • 3U 16-bay  JB 3016
  • 4U 60-bay  JB 3060
JB Pro 200 Series

Exclusively designed expansion enclosures for the EonStor GSe Pro 200 series.

  • Desktop 8-bay  JB Pro 208

Expansion Enclosure Lineup

Features JB 2000 JB 3000 JB Pro 200
Position 6Gb/s SAS Expansion for enterprise storage 12Gb/s SAS Expansion for enterprise storage For the EonStor GSe Pro 200 series
Disk Interface 6Gb/s SAS 12Gb/s SAS 6Gb/s SATA
(2.5") SAS models

2U 24-bay  JB 2024B

3U 36-bay  JB 2036B

2U 24-bay  JB 3024B

2U 25-bay  JB 3025B

Desktop 8-bay  JB Pro 208
(3.5") SAS models

2U 12-bay  JB 2012

3U 16-bay  JB 2016

4U 48-bay  JB 2048

4U 60-bay  JB 2060

2U 12-bay  JB 3012

3U 16-bay  JB 3016

4U 60-bay  JB 3060