Enterprise-Class Unified Storage Integrating SAN, NAS and Cloud

EonStor GS is a high availability solution exclusively designed for enterprises, integrating SAN and NAS services as well as Cloud Gateway features to offer enterprises a powerful hybrid cloud environment. Its complete product line features a hardware design of multiple form factors, flexible host boards to choose from, and stable, reliable modular design with high expandability; as for software, it comes with complete data services and simple, intuitive management interfaces. It is ideal for the common NAS and SAN infrastructures and enterprise applications (such as database, virtualization, video editing, file sharing, backup, surveillance, and cloud data integration). The whole product line is fast, flexible, and reliable, so that you can find the perfect storage device according to your performance or budget needs.

Cost-effective General Purpose Solution

The EonStor GS 3000 / 2000 series are comprehensive enterprise solutions with exceptional SAN and NAS transmission performance to meet the storage needs of SMBs to large enterprises. Besides various form factors, they also offer up to 4 sets of modular host boards to fulfill the requirements of numerous applications or architecture transformation to allow more deployment flexibility. Furthermore, the system also comes with high expandability of more than 8PB storage capacity to easily meet the needs of future data growth. As such, its outstanding performance, flexibility, and high expandability can easily run critical applications for SAN and NAS on the market. The GS 3000 is perfect for the performance-conscious, while the GS 2000 is ideal for the budget-conscious as it can meet all general storage needs.

Entry Level Solution

The EonStor GS 1000 is an entry level enterprise solution especially designed for SMBs and ROBOs. It provides non-stop services and complete data storage, file sharing, and Cloud integration, allowing IT personnel to efficiently manage all kinds of light SAN and NAS workloads, all at an affordable price. The EonStor GS 1000 comes with exceptional expandability of more than 4PB storage capacity and two sets of modular host board slots, which can easily meet the needs of future data growth and architecture transformation. As such, the GS 1000 is the ideal choice for the budget-conscious.

Powerful Solution for Mixed Workloads

The EonStor GS 5000 / 4000 series forms the backbone of our high performance solution for enterprises with its powerful performance, flexibility, and high expandability to efficiently boost overall productivity. They can handle large amounts of I/O and file transfers even under high workloads, and are especially ideal for hybrid environments that adopt SAN, NAS, and Cloudintegration. The GS 5000 is perfect for those who want performance, capacity, and a high port count, while the GS 4000 is ideal for the budget-conscious as it can easily meet all general storage needs.


Cloud Integrated Unified Storage
Cloud Integrated Unified Storage

One platform supporting file, block, and cloud services
High block and file level performance
Value-added cloud integrated functions
Rich built-in features

Easy-to-use Solution
Easy-to-use Solution

EonOne centralized UI simplifies management and operation
Service Manager greatly simplifies the process of requesting technical support
Easy installation, deployment and maintenance with modular design
Cache protection ensures data safety with no maintenance effort

Innovative Design
Innovative Design

Native block-level and SMB 3.0 transparent failover.
Symmetric active-active controllers.
Intelligent Drive Recovery (IDR).

Complete Product Line
Complete Product Line

Comprehensive entry-level to enterprise-class offerings
Multiple form factors
Rich and flexible options with host (front-end) connection ports

Infortrend  EonStor GS Portfolio banner.
GS 1000 Series

High availability Unified Storage at affordable price.

  • 2U 24-bay  GS 1024B
  • 2U 12-bay  GS 1012
  • 3U 16-bay  GS 1016
  • 4U 24-bay  GS 1024
GS 2000 Series

Cost effective moderate performance Unified Storage.

  • 2U 24-bay  GS 2024B
  • 2U 12-bay  GS 2012
  • 3U 16-bay  GS 2016
  • 4U 24-bay  GS 2024
GS 3000 Series

High performance Unified Storage for business growth.

  • 2U 24-bay  GS 3024B
  • 2U 25-bay  GS 3025B
  • 2U 12-bay  GS 3012
  • 3U 16-bay  GS 3016
  • 4U 24-bay  GS 3024
  • 4U 60-bay  GS 3060
GS 4000 Series

High performance for IT flexibilty.

  • 2U 24-bay  GS 4024B
  • 3U 16-bay  GS 4016
GS 5000 Series

High-performance and huge capacity for data center.

  • 4U  GS 5100
  • 4U  GS 5200

EonStor GS Series Lineup

Feature GS 1000 GS 2000 GS 3000 GS 4000 GS 5000 All Flash
Position High availability at affordable price Cost effective moderate performance High performance for business growth High performance for IT flexibilty High-performance and huge capacity for data center Uncompromised performance for time to service
Disk Interface 12Gb/s SAS 12Gb/s SAS 12Gb/s SAS 12Gb/s SAS 12Gb/s SAS 12Gb/s SAS
Block-level IOPS (Read) 111K


267K (2000T)

450K 450K 700K 700K
Block-level MB/s (R/W) 5700 / 2400

9800 / 4300

9900 / 4300 (2000T)

11000 / 6400 11000 / 6400 23000 / 6000  
Max RAM 64GB 128GB 256GB 256GB 1,024GB 128GB
Max Data Ports 16 24 24 32 64 24
Host Board Per Controller 1 2 2 2 8 2
Max Drives 444 864 900 864 1,680 375
(2.5") SAS models 2U 24-bay GS 1024B 2U 24-bay GS 2024B

2U 24-bay GS 3024B

2U 25-bay GS 3025B

2U 24-bay GS 4024B   2U 25-bay GS 3025A
(3.5") SAS models

2U 12-bay GS 1012

3U 16-bay GS 1016

4U 24-bay GS 1024

2U 12-bay GS 2012

3U 16-bay GS 2016

4U 24-bay GS 2024

2U 12-bay GS 3012

3U 16-bay GS 3016

4U 24-bay GS 3024

4U 60-bay GS 3060

3U 16-bay GS 4016    

4U GS 5100

4U GS 5200