Infortrend EonStor GSe Pro

Unified storage with various built in applications for SMBs, suitable for surveillance, file sharing, and backup applications.

EonStor GSe Pro family fully supports data storage, file sharing, and cloud integration to allow SMBs and SMEs running local SAN/NAS applications to easily and cost-effectively integrate and expand their storage architecture with cloud services. The EonStor GSe Pro features a powerful quad-core processor and four built-in 1Gb Ethernet ports to deliver optimum data transfer performance as well as comprehensive data services offered through a centralized user-friendly management tool.


Multi-function Storage System

Data storage, file sharing and cloud integration in one system.

Management & Services

Easy storage management and complete data services.

Public Cloud Integration

Upload files to public cloud with SyncCloud.


Quad-core CPU and 4x 1GbE ports deliver lightning fast performance.


Redundant power supplies and FAN Modules.

Infortrend GSe Pro 200 banner
GSe Pro 200 Series

Desktop Unified Storage at an affordable price.

  • Desktop 5-bay  GSe Pro 205
  • Desktop 8-bay  GSe Pro 208
GSe Pro 1000 Series

Rackmount Unified Storage at an affordable price.

  • 1U 4-bay  GSe Pro 1004
  • 2U 8-bay  GSe Pro 1008
GSe Pro 3000 Series

Scalable unified storage with an affordable price

  • 2U 8-bay  GSe Pro 3008
  • 2U 12-bay  GSe Pro 3012
  • 3U 16-bay  GSe Pro 3016


Easy File Sharing and Storage Management

The EonStor GSe Pro family supports cross-platform CIFS/SMB, NFS, AFP, FTP folder sharing and assists with daily operations including file storage, backup, sharing, synchronization, and more. Storage management is hassle-free with EonStor GSe Pro family's user-friendly management tool-EonOne. It integrates storage configurations and controls such as storage provisioning, scheduling backup as snapshot, and cloud features into simple step-by-step procedures and provides built-in services including Proxy, LDAP, Syslog and VPN servers.

Cloud Integration

By integrating an intelligent cloud gateway engine and supporting a wide range of private and public cloud services, the SyncCloud feature allows data in an EonStor GSe Pro family storage system to synchronize with data on cloud storage provided by public cloud services such as Aliyun, Dropbox, Google Cloud, and Amazon S3. With SyncCloud, files can be shared to partners/ROBOs and fetched from the public cloud using their familiar web interface.

Compact NAS with High Performance

EonStor GSe Pro family is a compact 1U 4-bay /2U 8-bay NAS designed to boost productivity in your workplace. Powered by a quad-core processor and embedded with onboard 1GbE ports, EonStor GSe Pro family delivers superior data transfer performance for IOPS/throughput-demanding applications such as surveillance, file sharing, backup, and email servers, while redundant power supplies increase service continuity.

EonStor GSe Pro Series Lineup

Feature GSe Pro 200 GSe Pro 1000 GSe Pro 3000
Positon Desktop Unified Storage at an affordable price Rackmount Unified Storage at an affordable price Scalable unified storage with an affordable price
Disk Interface 6Gb/s SATA 6Gb/s SATA 6Gb/s SATA
Max RAM 32GB 32GB 64GB
Max Data Ports 8 4 8
Host Board Per Controller 2 N/A 2
Max Drives 40 8 436
(3.5") SATA models

Desktop 5-bay  GSe Pro 205

Desktop 8-bay  GSe Pro 208

1U 4-bay  GSe Pro 1004

2U 8-bay  GSe Pro 1008

2U 8-bay  GSe Pro 3008

2U 12-bay  GSe Pro 3012

3U 16-bay  GSe Pro 3016