Near-line and Cloud-Integrated Unified Storage (NAS / SAN) for SMB

EonStor GSe is a single controller solution with support for SAS, SATA, and SSD drives exclusively designed for SMBs, integrating SAN and NAS services as well as Cloud Gateway features in a near-line storage for backup and archive. Its hardware design features 2U12 and 3U16 form factors and flexible host boards to choose from, and stable, reliable modular design with high expandability; as for software, it comes with complete data services and easy-to-use management interfaces, so that you can find the perfect storage device according to your performance or budget needs.

Cost-effective Near-line Solution

The EonStor GSe 3000 / 2000 are entry level enterprise solutions especially designed for SMBs and ROBOs. It comes with exceptional flexibility with support for all flash or hybrid configurations to provide the performance required for near-line storage applications. Up to two sets of modular host boards are also offered to fulfill the requirements of numerous applications or architecture transformation to allow more deployment flexibility. The system comes with an expandability of more than 8PB, making them ideal choices for near-line storage to backup and archive files, while also meeting the needs of future data growth. As such, if performance is the main concern, then GSe 3000 will be the best choice, otherwise the GSe 2000 is ideal as it can meet all general storage needs.

Entry Level Near-line Solution

The EonStor GSe 1000 is entry level enterprise solutions especially designed for SMBs and ROBOs. It provides complete data storage, file sharing, and cloud integration, allowing IT personnel to efficiently manage all kinds of light SAN and NAS workloads, all at an affordable price. The EonStor GSe 1000 comes with exceptional expandability of more than 4PB storage capacity and two sets of modular host board slots, which can easily meet the needs of future data growth and architecture transformation. As such, the GSe 1000 is the ideal choice for the budget-conscious.



Consolidate SAN, NAS and cloud.

All-flash and hybrid configuration.

Multi-core CPU.

Supports up to 128GB RAM.

Flexible Interface Options

Modular dual host board controller with FC, SAS, iSCSI, and FCoE, InfiniBand protocols.

Converged host board (16GB/s FC, 8GB/s FC, 10GB/s iSCSI SFP+, 10GB/s FCoE).

Applications & Data Protection

Built-in services (i.e. proxy, LDAP, syslog & VPN server).

Integrated full-featured RAID protection.

Backup functions: snapshot, volume copy, mirror, rsync, IDR & local / remote replication.

Supports SED hard drives for better data protection.

Cloud Ready

Cloud storage integration through smart algorithms.

Cloud integration functions: Cloud Tiering, Cloud Cache and Cloud Backup.

Reliability & Availability

Dual power supplies and cooling fans.

Super-capacitor with Flash ensure data safety.


Future-proof expansion solution up to 856 drives.

Connectivity & Simple Maintenance

Modular design simplifies maintenance and ensures uninterrupted operations.

Wide Product Range

Wide range of products for specific needs.

Intuitive GUI

Single control center for system management and resources monitoring.

Infortrend EonStor GSe Portfolio banner.
GSe 1000 Series

Unified Storage at an affordable price.

  • 2U 12-bay  GSe 1012
  • 3U 16-bay  GSe 1016
GSe 2000 Series

Cost effective moderate performance Unified Storage.

  • 2U 12-bay  GSe 2012
  • 3U 16-bay  GSe 2016
GSe 3000 Series

High performance Unified Storage for business growth.

  • 2U 12-bay  GSe 3012
  • 3U 16-bay  GSe 3016

EonStor GSe Series Lineup

Feature GSe 1000 GSe 2000 GSe 3000
Position Unified Storage at an affordable price Cost effective moderate performance High performance for business growth
Disk Interface 6Gb/s SAS 12Gb/s SAS 12Gb/s SAS
Block-level IOPS (Read) 63K 171K / 161K (2000T) 233K
Max RAM 32GB 64GB 128GB
Max Data Ports 8 12 10
Host Board Per Controller 1 2 2
Max Drives 316 856 856
(3.5") SAS models

2U 12-bay  GSe 1012

3U 16-bay  GSe 1016

2U 12-bay  GSe 2012

3U 16-bay  GSe 2016

2U 12-bay  GSe 3012

3U 16-bay  GSe 3016