Faster Results, Better Protection, Lower TCO.

Oracle engineered storage solutions transcend traditional storage offerings, helping your applications and databases to run faster. Automated storage management simplifies operations and reliably protects and recovers mission-critical Oracle Databases with zero data-loss capabilities. Oracle engineered storage solutions are architected, tested, and optimized with the complete Oracle technology stack so you don’t have to do the integration yourself.


Utilize unique capabilities.

Only Oracle can fully integrate storage resources with Oracle Database, yielding unmatched efficiency, recoverability to any point in time, and management automation.

Accelerate critical workloads.

High-throughput architectures with built-in Oracle Database optimizations deliver extreme performance and security for dynamic, multi application workloads.

Recover any data.

Only Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance was developed as an Oracle Database extension that continuously protects and validates data, reports on recoverability status, and automates recovery from outages to any point in time.

Reduce TCO.

Oracle engineered storage reduces database storage capacity requirements by up to 50 percent, enables 4:1 storage consolidation, and automates up to 90 percent of routine setup and tuning tasks.

Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

Purpose-built by the Oracle Database team as a data-protection extension to the database.

Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is the only data protection solution designed to eliminate data loss, ensure that backups are recoverable, report on recoverability, and rapidly recover Oracle Databases to any point in time.

ZFS Storage Appliance

High-performance, unified storage for all your application, database, and data-protection needs.

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance delivers exceptional all-flash performance, petabytes of capacity, unique capabilities coengineered with Oracle Database, and the throughput necessary to consolidate storage for private clouds.

Tape Automation

An affordable archive and data-protection solution designed for easy integration with the cloud.

Oracle’s StorageTek tape-automation solutions give you the performance, scalability, and value you need for open-system and mainframe data protection and archiving, at a cost that’s up to 90 percent less expensive than disk-only alternatives.