Switches, Access Points & Wireless Controllers, Routers, Networking Software, and Next-Generation Firewall.

Ruijie Networks is a world leading supplier of data communication products and network solution supplier headquartered in China that focus on customer benefits and strive to improve the network application experience through continuous technological innovation.

Continuous innovation and commitment to deliver integrated industry-tailored products & solutions with simplicity for the best user experience.

Ruijie Networks provides end-to-end network solutions for telecom carriers, financial services, government agencies, education and enterprises, from Switches, Wireless Access Points, Routers, Networking Software and Network Security products.



15% of sales revenue invested in R&D 
30% of R&D budgets invested in pre-research
50% of personnel engaged in R&D

R&D Centers

Five R&D centers:
Fuzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Tianjin

Intellectual Property

Own 1,548 patents of invention, ranking top 3 in China network communication field.


Advanced R&D management system, achieved the standardization and institutionalization from project approval, R&D, trial production to mass production.

Industry Partnership

In-depth and comprehensive partnership with well-known international giants, such as Broadcom, Marvell, Qualcomm, Intel, and TI.


Ruijie Networks has orchestrated multiple full-featured switch series for data center network and campus network. Currently, Ruijie switches have been widely adopted across various sectors including Internet, finance, network operator, government, education, enterprises, healthcare, etc.


Ruijie Networks set up an independent wireless product department in 2002 as a mark to step into the WLAN market starting from 2000. In 2007, Ruijie established the comprehensive wireless product lines. In 2015, Ruijie officially founded the Wireless Product Division. 16 years of technical development and business evolution proved Ruijie’s persistence in independent R&D and the eagerness to keep forging ahead with innovation.


In 2006, Ruijie released the very first patented enterprise-grade routers as the stepping stone into the IP data communication market. After 11 years of sustainable development and innovation, Ruijie has served the backbone networks and Internet gateways across sectors of finance, education and government, and supported a variety of scenarios including access, aggregation, core and mobility with carrier-grade reliable design and all-in-one solutions.


Ruijie security products pull off comprehensive security protection features in multiply layers to meet the varying security requirements against the growing security threats brought by fast-changing Internet, empowered by Ruijie’s non-stop technological enhancement and continuous self-innovation.


The intuitive and smart Ruijie management software platform has been serving a wide range of sectors, including hospitality, retailing, high education, and SMB offices, with holistic, flexible and dynamic management plans over the years.