Data Center Switches, Core Switches, Distribution Switches, Access Switches, Industrial Switches.

Ruijie Networks, as one of the earliest switch suppliers in China, has orchestrated multiple full-featured switch series for data center network and campus network. Currently, Ruijie switches have been widely adopted across various sectors including Internet, finance, network operator, government, education, enterprises, healthcare, etc.

Given the rapid development and intense evolution of the Internet world, simplicity, high efficiency and high scalability are key to the optimal user experience of network infrastructure. Gaining momentum from this user demand, Ruijie is dedicated to upgrade the informatization services from being “usable, manageable and controllable” to “ease of use, manage and control”. In 2013, Ruijie, to comply with the user demand for simplicity and smooth connectivity, pushed the frontier with the Network Simplicity Solution to enable the users to smartly manage the entire network with just a “single” switch. Since then, Ruijie, driven by the passion in innovation, has managed to implement the Network Simplicity Solution for thousands of networks in various scenarios, including wireless city, large-scale campus network, citywide subway, etc. Powered by the patented industry-leading RG-N18000 Switch Series, the simplistic networks serve millions of users every day.

Data Center Switches

The next generation, high performance switches for Data Centers.

  • RG-N18000-X Series
  • RG-N18000 Series
  • RG-S6220-H Series
  • RG-S6220 Series
Core Switches

The industry leading core switches specially designed for breaking physical network barrier to form next generation integrated network.

  • RG-S8600E Cloud Network Core Switch Series
  • RG-S7800C Core Switch Series
Distribution Switches

The next generation multiservice distribution switches, offering remarkable performance and enhanced security.

  • RG-S5750-H Switch Series
  • RG-S5750E Switch Series
Access Switches

The multiservice access switches, offering remarkable performance, best security, efficiency and stability.

  • RG-S2910-H High Power over Ethernet (HPoE) Switch Series
  • RG-S2910XS-E Switch Series
  • RG-S2900G-E V3 Series Switches
  • RG-S2900G-E/P Switch Series
  • RG-S2600G-I Switch Series
Industrial Switches

Designed to power various industrial applications, offering abundant routing, switching and security protocols and advanced features including vibration resistance, wide temperature range, dust proof, and lightning arrester to cope with harsh operating environments.

  • RG-IS2706G Industrial Ethernet Switch