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Untuk dapat menentukan Storage NAS yang ideal kita harus melihat dari sisi Support, Features, Performance, Caching, Tiering & penyesuaian koneksi dengan komponen…
This blog describe how to setup XReplicator, a free utility to backup all data on client computers to QSAN’s NAS XCubeNAS Series Storage.
This video shows how to execute and verify Google Drive Cloud Sync on Qsan NAS.
Qsan XN3000T NAS Storage effectively provides comprehensive and effective backup solutions to minimize the risk of data loss.
A video showing how to transfer a Thick Provisioning Pool into an Auto Tiering Pool.
Short video blog about how to create backup job on Arcserve UDP 6.5.
A blog about creating Virtual Server on QSAN XCubeNas 3002T.
A blog about how to install Arcserve UDP agent with manual installation procedure.

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